Congregational Prayers

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Most Holy Father,

We come before You as You have commanded, with our prayers and petitions. As is always the case, we are a poor and needy people in and of ourselves, but we know through the faith that You have granted us that in Christ we lack nothing. And so we offer our thanksgivings and make our requests known, knowing as we do so that You are quick to hear our prayer and answer; not only that, but that You have done so before we even complete the utterance.

We pray for our nation and her elected and appointed leaders, that they would fulfill the various callings You have ordained for civil government—the restraining of evil, the maintaining of the peace, and the administration of justice. We pray for our nation’s current economic troubles, both that the sins of pride, covetousness, and greed that contributed to it and are so common in our culture would be recognized and repented of, and also that those in the Body of Christ who are anxious or in need because of it, would be comforted and relieved. We pray specifically for our own congregation, that You would be our trustworthy Provider and that we, the Church, would be a wise instrument used of Your Providence.

We pray for Your Church Universal, that You would continue to grow and prosper it. Raise up new men to lead her faithfully, and bolster the spirits of those already serving the sheep. Bless these men and protect them and build a joyful harvest of their efforts.

We pray for our local body, that You would grant us health and safety. We thank You for our homes and families, for our church fellowship, for our jobs and our relative freedom from oppression and persecution. We pray for those who are anxious over their jobs, or the health of their loved ones, for those who have been wearied and worn by the demands and challenges of life. Even in our plenty we fret and worry and grieve and weep, and are in need of Your peace and assurance. Comfort us by the precious Holy Spirit with a vigorous faith in Christ, that we would see beyond the temporal to the eternal, that we would not worry more about today than is necessary, in light of what we already know about tomorrow.

All we have, we have in Christ. All we need, we have in Christ. May the Prince of Peace , our Lord Jesus Christ, wipe every tear from our eye and every anxious thought from our minds. It is in His Name we pray.