Congregational Prayers

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Holy Father,

We approach You as a people troubled by the chaos of the fallen world, but not overcome; a people weary and concerned, but far from despair. While our nation’s economy flails about we are tossed in the storm as well, but we remember Your Providence and Your promise to bless, protect and sustain. While our countrymen are divided and quarrelsome over ideology and race and politics, we too must deal with the bitterness, self-centeredness and lack of charity, but we know that You are the Prince of Peace and Your Kingdom will restore love and respect for one another, and harmony and unity of devotion to Christ. While we, our friends and family and loved ones suffer the ravages of illness, injury and the merciless onslaughts of time and age, we take dearest comfort in the fact that we are all appointed one death, and because of Your death, ours no longer has any sting, and the life to which we will emerge in Christ will render all our pains and sufferings and losses trivial and undeserving of the sorrows we’ve given them. We are anxious because we know not what our world holds for us tomorrow, but we are reminded of our compassionate Father, Who transcends time itself, and Who promises us an eternal tomorrow of peace, tranquility and joy in Him. We know our God and our Sovereign God knows us. This morning we pray, therefore, not in fevered pleadings as a convicted criminal might implore a judge, but as calm, steadfast and confident soldiers, knowing our Commander-in-Chief is fully in control of all situations, knowing that our prayers and petitions will be answered decisively, expeditiously, and efficaciously to His own glory and our resounding benefit!

We pray this morning for our nation and her leaders. We pray for our President George Bush and ask that You protect and preserve him. We pray for our President Elect, Barak Obama, that You likewise come alongside and bolster him. We ask that You would strengthen him for the job ahead and You would give him wisdom and discernment in carrying out his duties in this singularly difficult position. We trust that his administration, as any other, will not operate contrary to Your permissive will, for You say in Your Word that “the king's heart is in the hand of the LORD,” and that You direct it “like a watercourse” wherever You please. We pray for our incoming Congress and for our Judges and Justices. We pray for our state and local officials, that You would enable them to rule wisely and effectively, that their charges would neither suffer from threats external and internal, nor endure abuse, tyranny or lawlessness.

We pray for Your Church, our true home and resting place. We ask that the pollution of the fallen world would not compromise Her in this day beyond what she can stand. Indeed You promise that it shall not. We look forward to the day, and pray earnestly for its coming, when You will complete the redemption of Your Church and purify from Her every last trace of sin and wickedness. How we long for that day, and how even the thought of that day is a real and true comfort to us in the here and now. We pray for the specific needs of our local body.

We pray in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, who endured every trial and upheaval, and persevered to the end.