Congregational Prayers

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Holy Father,

We come before You this morning to thank You and praise You for Your mighty works of redemption and sustenance that You have enacted on our behalf, and to bring our prayers and petitions before You, as You so generously have commanded us to do.

We pray this morning for our elected and appointed officials: for our President, our Congress, for our Justices, for our state and local officials, for all those serving our nation in the armed forces, police and public safety roles. We thank You for these men and women and ask Your blessings upon them. Give them wisdom in their offices, that they may serve You faithfully in serving their people. Whether they be Christians or not, we ask for Your sustaining hand on them, that as they are blessed, so too will our land be prospered. We pray for those in public service who know You not, that they would repent of their sin, turn to Christ and know the One Who has called them into service.

We pray for those You have raised up to service in that most beloved of bodies, the Church. We pray for our elders and deacons and our ministers of the Word, both those at here Grace Evangelical Church and those across our city, for those throughout our country and throughout the world. Be with these men as they stand in the gap, preaching and teaching Christ and the Gospel, directing the affairs of His Church, and strengthening and defending Her. Give them Your wisdom and authority, not to wield with selfish ambition or pride, but to exert as shepherds in all humility and self-sacrifice for the glory of Christ and His beloved sheep. Protect these men and encourage them; fix their hearts on Christ though they would wander. Let not the things of this world distract or compromise them, thus distracting and compromising the Church, but patiently draw them ever more and more unto Yourself and the glories of the Gospel.

We pray for the congregations of Christ, here at Grace Evangelical and in all sound churches near and far. Be so firmly united to our people through the sacraments and the Word that Christ is evident in our every word and deed. Encourage us, equip us, forgive us and sanctify us. Strengthen our families and the fellowship of our congregations. Let no fear of theology or the sound application thereof weaken or compromise us. Give us perseverance to withstand Your trials, the grace to endure Your discipline, and the patience and faithfulness to await Your timing when You shall make all things new and free us from these bodies of sin that ever weigh us down and cause us all such offence. How we delight in the prospect of a redeemed Heaven and Earth, and bodies that will age and weaken no longer, and best of all, sin no more – a Heaven and Earth where we shall see Christ as He is and fear no wrath or rejection, but where we shall remain in His love and delight for all eternity. We pray for the specific needs of our local body.

We thank You and praise You for Your love and mercy to Your people. We pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ