Congregational Prayers

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Holy Father,

You are good and loving to Your people and have spared not even the life of Your Only-begotten Son to rescue us from the hold of the Devil and to secure us to Yourself for Your praise and glory. In Christ have You labored mightily to save us, and in the Holy Spirit You yet labor mightily to perfect us. How wondrous Your love for us! How stunning the lengths and depths You have gone to pursue and win us! What response can we have other than praise and worship for Your loving-kindness, and prayer and petition for Your continuance, as You have long ago decreed that we should do.

And so we ask for Your blessings on the Church, both on our small local assembly, and our greater fellowship worldwide. Strengthen and grow us, that we would withstand the assaults of the Enemy; wash and adorn us, that we would be a beauty to behold; preserve and maintain us, that we would endure to the end, to come to the call of our Savior and stand by Him in the exchanging of this world for the next. We ask that You would guard us against sin, that we would no longer offend You, and that when we do sin, You would be quick to bring us to repentance and cleanse us it from us, as You have done even this morning. For our old man still rebels, but our new man desires greatly to be holy and pleasing to You. We ask that You would strengthen us in the Gospel, that we would not give heed to passing philosophies and theologies that have no basis in Your truth, but that we would cling to the holy foundation of our union with Christ, our justification by faith, and our sanctification by the inward working of the Holy Spirit. And we ask that You would grant us eyes to see the need of our fellow man, both for the Gospel of Christ and for the physical necessities of life, and You would grant us wisdom and discernment in how to address it.

As an earthly father loves his children and strives to see them grow in beauty, character, wisdom and good nature, so You too lavish Your love upon us, and unlike we earthly fathers whose attentions and corrections have sporadic, occasional or limited effect, Your rebukes and Your encouragements never fail to draw Your children into a more righteous state, a more pleasant relationship, and a more holy fellowship. Praise be to You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, for Your unending faithfulness, love and commitment to we Your Redeemed!

We pray these things in the name of Jesus Christ,