Congregational Prayers

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Most Holy Father,

Your majesty and glory surround You and You dwell in unapproachable light. You are holy and righteous, infinite in power, wisdom and being. There is none like You; there is none beside You. You alone are King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Your excellent qualities are revealed in those things You have made: in the skies above with their countless stars and endless reaches, in the wonders of the land and sea in all their awesome beauty and variety, and in the abundance of life You have set to fill the realms of Creation. In all You have made Your glory is displayed, and Your handiwork reveals Your holy and mighty character.

But in no sense is Your self-revelation more profound than in the one mighty act of the Incarnation, where You in the Person of Jesus Christ took on Your creatures’ flesh and blood, walked upon Your lands, and stared out into Your heavenly reaches. Christ’s condescension from His throne in Heaven to live and die among us, revealed Your love and Your mercy for us, and Your eternal and foreordained plan for addressing the sin of Your people, cleansing us from it and restoring us in full righteousness. In Christ we have seen the fullness of Your glory and majesty, and in clinging to Him now, we are partakers in that heavenly kingdom and perpetual witnesses of the Glory and Majesty, the full extent of which mere Creation can never display.

What response can we have to such glorious works on our behalf than to worship You with our prayer and petitions, acknowledging You as the Great Provider and Sustainer. We pray this morning for the Creation You have established for us, especially for the structures and authorities You have established to order and regulate it. We pray for our governmental authorities: our President, Congress and Justices, for our state and local officials, for our police and armed forces that keep our lands safe and our peoples at peace.

We pray for those ecclesiastical authorities You have set up in Your Church. We pray for the elders, deacons and ministers of the Word that You have established over Your chosen. Guard and protect them. Give them grace and mercy, and grant them a mighty harvest of souls for their labors. Give them Your Word to preach, Your wisdom to rightly divide it, Your compassion to minister to the needy, and Your strength and courage to defend the Body against all manner of evil attack. Be with Your Churches and cause them to grow and prosper in the Holy Spirit. Fortify and entrench the Body with the Gospel of Jesus, and through the preaching there of, awaken new souls to life in Christ and fellowship with the saints. Protect our members from need and want, and from illness and injury, and ready us for our final transition into Your eternal Kingdom, where we will never cease gazing at Christ’s glory and majesty in all their fullness.

We thank and praise You for all Your mighty deeds and gifts in the name of Jesus Christ