Congregational Prayers

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Most Holy Father,

You truly love Your children. You did not think to spare Your own Son, but gave Him up to suffer the agony of the cross that You might put and end to our sin and misery, that we might no longer war against You, but that You might, by that great act of sacrifice, win us back to Yourself and end all hostilities. If that weren’t enough, You follow blessing with blessing, choosing to give to Your children day in and day out all that is needed in material and spiritual things, that we might live our ransomed lives henceforth unto Him who did save us. Such grace that covers such guilt must give birth to such gratitude! And indeed we are grateful and we come together now to thank You for the work of Jesus Christ, done once and for all on our behalf, and to thank You for the daily graces You never cease to bestow upon us – those mercies new every morning. And in accordance with our gratitude, we do obey You and bring forward our petitions and requests, knowing that You hear and answer, always wisely, lovingly and perfectly.

We pray for the civil authorities You have placed over us to organize and lead us, to restrain sin and maintain the peace. Be with these men and women. We pray for health and safety for them, and for wisdom in their offices. We ask that You would so influence them that they would serve not their own ends in office, but would work, consciously or not, to Your glory and to the benefit of the Church.

We pray for Your Church, that Bride of Christ and that context within which You have chosen to birth and build Your Kingdom. How we love and are grateful for Body of Christ! How vital and necessary it is to us! What a joy it is to gather in the among the brethren, the fellowship of the saints, and join together in worship. What grace is bestowed within its walls. Be with Your Church and grow and prosper it – not as the world sees prosperity, but with the prosperity of holiness and sanctification, of sins forgiven and of riches in Christ and wealth in Your Providence. Strengthen Your Church in the truths of the Gospel and enflame her heart with love for her Savior; set her on a hill where the lost and dying can look up and see her, and in seeing her can see Christ and His salvation.

Be with the churches of our federation and with those new congregations freshly planted, especially with the Kauai Reformation Church in Hawaii and the fellowship that is forming in Las Vegas. Strengthen and build them in Christ. We pray for our own congregation, Grace Evangelical Church. We pray for our minister and elders and deacons, that we would be wise and discerning in our leadership of our fellowship. Grant our members tender hearts to hear the Gospel, to reject the works of self, and to clutch to Christ. Grant us grace upon grace for we are a weak and needy people. Sanctify and transform us ever more into the image of our Savior, and lead us at the end of our days out of this land of Egypt into the blessed rest of your Promised Kingdom.

These things we pray in the blessed name of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ