Congregational Prayers

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Holy and Loving Father,

How grateful we are for Your loving kindnesses shown to us each and every day. In spite of our failings, in spite of our continued struggles with sin and rebellion, You remain faithful to us, keeping the Covenant You have established in Christ Jesus, looking not to our acts or merit in keeping our side of the Covenant, but looking upon Christ and His work as the full satisfaction of our Covenantal responsibilities. As we are in Christ, we have met the Law in all its detail, and have fully maintained the obligations that we, Your people, accepted on Mount Sinai, saying “Everything the LORD has said we will do.” How good and gracious! How abounding in love and mercy! We are saved by grace through faith in the work of Christ. How are hearts are moved to joy and thanksgiving. And so with our joy complete, we bring forward our praise and worship, and as You instruct, we also make know to You our struggles, needs and desires, for You alone are both capable and willing to grant them to our benefit and Your glory.

We thank You for the ordered society in which we live. How grateful we are for the rule of law we have in our country. We pray that You will preserve our land in peace and quiet living, maintaining our government in the proper execution of its duties, and restraining it as it seeks to usurp undelegated authority. Be with our President, Congressmen and Justice. Guide and direct them in their roles that they would rule according to Your will and to the benefit of Your people. Protect and preserve them and keep them from harm. We pray for the elections this fall, that things in the secular world would reflect Your plan for the sacred, and that things would be done decently and in order. We pray for our state and local officials and for all those men and women serving in our armed forces, police and public safety jobs; that they would be safe and effective.

We praise and thank You for Your Church, both local and universal. How blessed it is that we grow in Christ in the context of the Church. Bless our pastors, elders and deacons. Keep our churches safe from the attacks of the enemy and strengthen us constantly on the Word and the sacraments. Purify our theology that we would think right thoughts of You, and soften our hearts that we would love Christ and our brothers above ourselves.

In addition to the spiritual blessings we have in Christ and through the Church, we thank You for the material blessings that come no less directly from Your hand. We thank You for our homes and families; for our jobs and relaxations. We thank You that You have given us all that we truly need, and so very much of those other things that we desire. We pray for Your continued blessings and providence, and ask that You maintain our health and wellbeing, healing and strengthening those in affliction and illness and comforting those who sorrow and mourn.

In all things we are greatly blessed – indeed we are wisely and perfectly cared for! And so we make our prayers to You in the Name of our Covenantal Head, Jesus our Christ, in Whom we have legitimate access to Your very throne of grace!