Congregational Prayers

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Most Holy Father,

You have given us all things needed for life and health, with many great blessings and pleasures bestowed amongst them. And equally vital, You have shielded us from the gravest consequences of our sins, burying them in death of Christ, and hiding us in His righteous life. Among Your just claims on our lives You have demanded our love, praise and worship, and that in a most tender way – You have commanded us to come before You regularly, not for chastisement or threat, but that we may gaze upon the glories You have given us, and may beseech You, as children unto a father, for the aid and comfort that we need in this still-fallen world. In keeping with this most blessed and pleasant command, we do hereby make our prayers and petitions known.

We pray for the government You have given us; for our President, Congressmen and Justices. We pray for our Governor and our state assemblymen and for all our local leaders, judges, and officials. We pray for our police and civil servants and for our armed forces and national guard. We pray for all of these men and women because they serve by Your authority and they execute their offices by Your decree. Be with them and bring about the successful completion of their duties, duties which pertain to the health and safety of our people, the security of our land, and the reign of peace and justice in our country. Whether they be Christian or pagan, use them in their office to bring about Your will for our land, and Your blessing for Your Church

We pray also for Your blessings on Your Church in the provision and sustenance of godly leaders. We pray for the ministers, elders and deacons that You have established for Your Church; the professors and scholars You have raised up to serve Her needs. Be with these men that the Church not be vulnerable, but that She would grow in the knowledge and love of Her Savior, a Bride ever better suited for Her Husband. Be with our members. Grant them health and safety. Give our families Your hand of protection: our members Your safety, our parents Your wisdom, and our children Your Holy Spirit. Grow us in grace and tune us in theology. Keep us from despising You and one another, filling us instead with a love, gentleness and generosity of spirit that marks us as Your true disciples.

Be with our brothers and sisters afflicted in the Southern California wildfires. Put hearts and minds at ease with the peace that comes of being in the hand of God, and direct Your Church to minister to those who’s need and suffering is great. We pray for Kauai Reformation Church in Hawaii, that they would grow and prosper and that the Gospel would be preached and take root in the souls of many on that island. Meet their needs, and, we ask, make use of us to do so.

We are Your children. We submit to You both our needs and our desires as well as our thanksgivings and praises. Our trust bears no lack of faith that You will hear our prayers, derive pleasure and glory from them, and be swift to answer them for the benefit of Your Church, for You have proven Yourself a Faithful Father and a Loving Master through countless generations. We pray these things in Jesus’ name,