Congregational Prayers

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Most Holy Father,

You are a God of boundless patience and longsuffering. You have borne with the sin of Your people for year after year, generation after generation, and have shown limitless mercy and kindness unto us. You have given us not judgment and condemnation as we deserved, but grace, forgiveness and peace through Christ Jesus, who bore Your judgment and condemnation, that the demands of Your justice would be fully addressed, and that, to no lesser extent, Your longsuffering could be freely displayed in abundance.

As we have seen Your example in forbearance and grace, so teach us to love charity and mercy, and to be patient and longsuffering in all circumstances. For You have given us no trial that Christ has not been given; our temptations, frustrations and sufferings are no different from His in subject, through vastly different in intensity. As we have seen Christ endure, and as we have received the blessings of forbearance, mercy and faithfulness from our Heavenly Father, so too may we be patient, faithful, longsuffering, merciful, kind and generous of spirit, for we are called to be imitators of Christ, and Children of the Living God. Grant that we may accomplish this in Christ, for our own nature is impatient, vindictive, retaliatory, judgmental and quick to condemn.

We pray for the institutions You have given us to restrain sin and promote Your peace. We pray for the men and our government, local, state and federal, for our police and armed forces, and for our judges and magistrates. We pray that they would govern according to Your precepts and with a love for righteousness and holiness. Grant us patience with the failings of our government, knowing that in this present fallen world, we will see no pure justice, and no untainted holiness, but must wait for that glorious day of the Lord when Christ shall come again and perfect and fulfill all those institutions that now reflect God’s character so inconsistently.

We pray for Your Church, who suffers in many places and in many ways. Your Church endures both the most brutal sufferings of physical persecution, and the most subtle and insidious of afflictions of complacency, sloth and wasting heresy. Revive Your Church and fit Her to endure these trials; we pray not that You would free Her of them, for we know that the Church, like Her Lord before Her, must struggle and suffer in this present age, but strengthen Her and protect Her and comfort Her with the knowledge that You are patient, longsuffering, merciful and enduring.

We pray for Kauai Reformation Church and the work You are doing there. Be with the families that have joined together, that they would be patient and faithful, encouraging one another and enduring the transitory nature of their church. We pray for the men traveling to Kauai to sustain the preaching there, and ask that You would be pleased to bring Your chosen shepherd to that church in good time.

We pray for our own congregation our pastor, elders and deacons, and for the health, safety and faith of our members, remembering our specific needs to You.

Father, we make these prayers in faith, for we know that thousands of generations have looked unto You and have not been forsaken. We pray in Christ’s name.