Congregational Prayers

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Most Holy Father,

From the very dawn of man in the Garden, Satan has conspired to shift our attention, and more importantly our worship, from the One True and Living God, to any alternative at all. For he knew that the precise recipient of our worship mattered very little, so long as it wasn’t He Who deserves all praise and worship. And so it is today. Satan, the world, and our own sinful flesh endlessly conspire to draw our affections from Christ, to dim our reverence for the Holy Spirit, and to silence our praise and adoration of our Father, drawing them to ever more random and worthless things. Our society and culture, and our own wicked selves, know no level of shame in the things we can bring ourselves to honor, glorify and worship.

O Lord, may You forgive us this great sin and shore up our heart against any further such grievous thoughts and deeds. You are our only Lord and God. And it is to You and You alone that we owe our reverence and honor. For You have done wonderful and marvelous things for Your people through out the ages. From Adam to Abraham, from Moses to David, You have been their God and they Your people. From Peter and Mark to Paul and Barnabus, from Jerusalem to Antioch and from Corith to Kauai, You have fathered Your children and shepherded Your Church. Among every good and perfect gift You have given (and the number is uncountable) stands one incomparable to the rest: the life, death and resurrection of Your Only Begotten Son, Jesus our Christ. Praise be to You, and praise be to none other, for the marvelous works You have done for the salvation and sustenance of Your chosen and beloved Church!

We pray this morning for Your Church and the activities She has been commissioned to perform. We pray for the ongoing efforts in Kauai to establish a living and vibrant church. Be with Kauai Reformation Church and the families that make it up. Grow them in faith, peace and love, as well as in members and maturity. We ask for wisdom and discernment for our Council and for the Council of Oceanside URC, that we would carefully and profitably manage the affairs entrusted to us, and support this young church as would bring You glory. We pray particularly that, if it would be Your will, You would raise up a man of Your choosing to come unto this congregation to shepherd and tend it.

We pray for our own church, for our Council and Consistory, that we would be wise but yet humble, gentle but yet forthright, theological but yet pastoral, and compassionate and yet discerning. We pray for our congregants, that You would heal and strengthen our members, both in body and in spirit. We pray that You would reinvigorate our hearts in the Holy Spirit, that we would desire Christ above all the idols of our surroundings, that we would seek to please Him above any other, and that our love and desire for Him would be reflected in our unmitigated love for our spouses, children and Christian brothers and sisters. Forgive us our infidelities, both heavenly and earthly, and lead us ever on into Your holy sanctification.

We pray these things knowing that it is in Your strength we must rely, for to trust in any other is to trust in dead wood and stone, and to grieve the One Who gave living flesh and blood to save us. It is in Christ’s name we pray.