Congregational Prayers

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Our Holy Father,

We greet You this morning with joy in Your creation and with joy in our relationship with our Creator. As the days grow longer and the trees and plants recover from the winter we see Your beauty and providence manifesting itself yet again on our behalf. You have created us not merely to abide within Your creation and be stewards over it, though those are indeed lofty callings, but You have created us also to be in fellowship with You our God, to delight in You and to become the object of Your delight. In the rebellion and fall of mankind we introduced sin, pain and suffering upon ourselves and the tending of creation, and in that rebellion our fellowship with You was sundered and destroyed. Praise be to You that You were not content to leave us in that state, but through the life, death and resurrection of Christ, You began that great restoration of earth and man that will be completed on that great Day of the Lord. And so even now, we are restored to You in Christ, and we come in prayer and fellowship, making known our needs and desires, and praying for that ultimate fulfillment when You will bring about a new Heaven and a new Earth and the world will be free of sin and pain to Your glory.

We pray this morning for our worldly leaders: our President, Congressmen, Justices, state and local officials. Grant them wisdom to govern according to Your precepts. Keep them from paths of wickedness and corruption, which afflicts the people and threatens the Church. Steer their hearts, minds and action that peace would be accomplished in our lands and abroad, that pain and suffering would be alleviated and that justice and security would be maintained.

We pray this morning for Your Church, both here in our local area, and also around the world. We pray for an end to persecution for those in troubled areas, but if it be not Your will, then we pray You would greatly bless and build Your Church in its trials. We pray for the men who lead Your Church: for the ministers of the Word, for the elders and deacons who daily labor on behalf of their flocks, for seminary professors and scholars who train and raise these men up. Grant them wisdom, discernment, peace and understanding. Equip them for their jobs and grant them great success. We pray these things for our own local consistory and council, that our church would be properly administered and lead to Your glory.

We pray for our congregation. Grant us all hearts to hear Your Word preached, a love for Christ and the means of grace He has provided us. Refine our theology, and restrain more and more that body of sin we are overcoming in Christ. We pray for peace in our homes, for wisdom for our parents and heads of households, for strength of character, humility of spirit and for a profound love for one another.

And lastly we pray for those men and women still at war with you. We pray that even now you are softening hearts with the Gospel and are drawing countless people into fellowship with You through union with Christ. We pray you will allow our church some role in Your work, whether it be here locally, or in Kaua’i, or through some other way You have yet to place before us.

We pray all these things in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.