Congregational Prayers

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Tender Father,

How good You have been to us! You have met all our needs in this life and the next through the life and work of Christ on earth, and His hand of creation and sustenance in eternity. We are a people richly blessed and deeply grateful. Having been so securely preserved, we nevertheless come before You anew this morning, as commanded, to make known our petitions, our needs, our desires and our intercessions for ourselves and our families, for our church, for those You have given to watch over us, and for those lost and dying souls who still war against You in sad and hopeless rebellion.

We pray for those You have placed in authority over us, not only for those who regulate our society on a state and national level, our President, Congressmen, Judges and state and local officials, but for those who order our lives in more personal spheres: our bosses, teachers, parents, elders and mentors. You have given us other men to whom we to submit and be subject, not to define our relative value, worth or significance, but that we might learn godly humility and sound wisdom, and that we might have a better understanding of the holy submission and Trinitarian cooperation within the Godhead. We ask Your blessings on these men and women in authority over us, for their jobs are weighty and of eternal significance, and they, like us, are weak and frail and in need of Your sustenance. Grant them Your wisdom and strength, and guide their hearts to noble and godly ends, that Your people will be blessed through them, and You will be glorified in all things.

We pray for Your Church Universal which stands, a mighty army, an unbroken procession, from the dawn of Genesis to the eve of Revelation. Preserve, strengthen and equip Your Church for the labor before Her, for the preaching of the Gospel, for the service to the poor and destitute, for the pursuit of holiness, and for the pure and unstained worship and adoration of our Living God. Be with Her ministers of the Word, Her elders and deacons. Be with her professors and missionaries, her pastors and teachers. Bless them with faith and encouragement. Grant them health safety and soundness of doctrine. Be with our congregations and raise them up mightily on the Word preached and the sacraments displayed. Grant each of us a faith beyond our years and understanding, and grow in us, obviously and steadily, that sanctified character we so earnestly desire and so painfully lack. Grant us a love of our brother, a love of our Christ, and a tender pity and compassion on those dying in their sin.

We pray for the specific needs of our local body.

In all things we have safety and security, for we are in Christ Jesus and in Him no one can pluck us from our Father’s hand. So it is in His precious name that we pray.