Sample Liturgy Grace United Reformed Church is a liturgical church; the morning Lord’s Day service follows a regular, structured liturgy that includes all of the following:

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Believing that the sacraments of the Church are a means of grace given us by our Lord, we partake in the Lord’s Table on a weekly basis. We baptize adult believers and their children (paedobaptism, or the baptizing of infants) and include such baptisms in the morning worship service. For more information on our understanding of the Lord’s Table and baptism, please see the section on the Sacraments.

We also hold the Psalms in high regard and include the singing of them in our corporate worship. While we believe that doctrinally sound hymns are God-honoring and have a legitimate place in the worship service, the Psalms of scripture are God’s inspired method of singing praise to Him and are therefore the basis of our musical worship. For more information and for downloadable versions of the Psalms we are currently singing, please see the section the Psalms.